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Health, Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs
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Health, Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

Chris y Patchoului de Castro-Castalia

Bullmastiffs can be just as healthy as any other dogs. They will live to a long age (anything from 10 to 12 and even 14 or 15 years). All it takes is that they come from bloodlines and families that show no proneness to some of the diseases that are now sadly affecting some lines, being genetically transmitted. Diseases like Lymphosarcoma, Osteosarcoma and other forms of cancer, Congestive or Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Hyphothyroidism that are life threatening, together with a proneness to Stomach Torsion or Bloat and Pyometra, plus several skin disorders of different importance such as Hotspots and Demodex mites or Athopy are now subject of much worry amongst many owners and breeders.

Salud de un Castro-Castalia, Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

Malcom X de Castro-castalia 12 years

Unfortunately most of these diseases could be easily avoided, should the breeders be ready to identify the lines and families that carry the disorders and eliminate them from their breeding programmes, but this is far from happening. It seems to be a lot easier to claim that these health problems are breed-related and impossible to eradicate, while this is not true.

Health, Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

Fetiche with 13 years

This is what explains also that so many Bullmastiffs are affected of other conditions such as Hip dysplasia, which can sometimes become disabling for the animal! Far too many of what I have come to call pseudo-breeders will tell you that HD is a condition associated with the breed, that cannot be easily controlled not eradicated. They will claim that it too much attention is being paid to it and yet it is not important and will not cause trouble to the dog in all its life, which is sometimes true, but not always.

Yet HD-free Bullmastiffs do exist. “CASTRO-CASTALIA” Bullmastiffs are mostly HD-free dogs, with hips grading A, A2 and exceptionally B, which is still considered as a transitional hip, not an HD affected hip. It must be strengthened that A, A2 and B hips are those that show Norberg angles above 105º.

And just as it is possible to breed HD-free Bullmastiffs, like I do, it is also possible to breed Bullmastiffs that live to a long age. Many of my “CASTRO-CASTALIA” Bullmastiffs born in 1992, 1994-95-96 are alive and fit as apples and the living proof that longevity is possible in this fabulous breed.

In the books MANUAL DE SALUD CANINA and PERROS SANOS… DUEÑOS FELICES, I deal with all the health issues without mincing my words. So if you are fluent enough in Spanish, you might want to do some extra reading in my language

Salud de un Castro-Castalia, Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

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