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In an eagerness to breed perfectly typical, healthy and balanced Bullmastiffs, I spend quite a bit part of my time investigating about genetical transmission of conditions and other unwanted traits, hereditary diseases, bloodline “of risk”, with the sole intention to preserve and improve the Breed’s characteristics and the aim to avoid the introduction of faults of all kinds and health troubles within my well established and very successful Breeding Programme. And this I prepare and consider the matings long in advance, knowing always that every time I plan a new breeding, I do o with the intention of keeping myself one puppy that will later become another strong pillar to sustent my own Breeding Programme itself.

As I write this, I already have many very specific matings in mind, that will take place when my dogs and females reach the necessary maturity to become the sires and dams of their progenies. Matings I have been long thinking about and considering, for months and years, as I always keep my mind busy with new projects, perspectives and horizons.

Therefore I will soon hopefully be able to announce the birth of a new litter, so please stay in touch and come and visit this site soon, and if you are planning to adopt a “CASTRO-CASTALIA” puppy in the near future, do contact me as soon as possible, so that you can be included in the Waiting List, once you have cleared a large questionnaire that I will gladly send you.  A questionnaire that is a necessary tool for me, not only because I can fully decide through your answers whether you fit in the “puppy-owner profile” that I seek for all the “CASTRO-CASTALIA” owners-to-be, but because it will help me chose amongst all the individuals in the litter, which one will better adapt to your personal and family circumstances, knowingly that many aspects need to be considered if we want to create a perfect match between the dog and the owners.

Sire Troylo

Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

Dam Gomez

Upcoming Litters Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

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