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Delivery Terms, Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs
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Delivery Terms, Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

Cabezota de Castro-Castalia

All our puppies are personally handed to their now owners at my place, in perfect health and highly socialised, with a minimum of 14 weeks of age, totally revaccinated (exception made of Rabies, that I personally suggest should only be inoculated around 6 to 8 months, unless it becomes compulsory if the puppy as to travel abroad to certain countries where it will not be accepted unless previously vaccinated), wormed in several occasions, identified with a microchip, registered by the Spanish  Kennel Club and with its official veterinary records in good order.

At the time of delivery the new owners also receive copies of the DNA and HD-free records of both the sire and the dam, together with a useful and complete dossier of information regarding the general welfare of the puppy, which includes complete details on nutrition, growth, recommended exercise, health, prevention of certain diseases such as Canine Leishmaniasis and Canine Filariasis, basic education, hygiene and grooming, safe toys and equipment, etc., based in my experience of years with the breed not only as a Breeder but as an owner.

This is also the time when the owner gets a  3 kg. bag of the recommended Puppy food, the one I myself use for my dogs after many years, together with several toys and chewers plus its collar and leash.

It is essential for the that the owners come and pick up personally the puppy at home (and provided that this is not possible they send someone they trust), since this makes the house and environment change a lot easier for the little one and in fact, whenever possible I even suggest that its new family comes and stays at home with us for 24 hours, as this helps the pup get used to them before departing.

I also put special emphasis that in the weeks prior to the estimated date of delivery and once the quarantine is lifted, the owners come to see the puppy as many times as possible. This is good for the whole litter as it gives them the opportunity to meet many people and interact with strangers and it ads to their proper socialisation.

On the other hand, whenever a puppy as to travel long distance by plane, the fact that he goes with the owner ensures that he will not have to be dealt like cargo and instead will embark through the Passengers Terminal. This way it will only have to be at the airport two hours prior to estimated departure time and will remain with the passenger until some 45 minutes before take-off.

If that is not the case, then the pup would have to be taken to the Cargo Terminal some 4 to 8 hours prior to estimated departure time and remain on its own, confined in its vari-kennel and this, of course, is not the best to avoid stress to a baby.

Needless to say that puppies well being is at utmost for me and I will do anything to ensure that they get the best. Therefore, anyone coming from a distance to pick up a puppy will be welcome to stay at home for a couple of days or more, if necessary.

Last but not least I should say that a “CASTRO-CASTALIA” puppy will be a perfectly social dog, and whenever necessary I will have trained it well in advance to stay in a vari-kennel so that when the time comes to go in a plane, it will feel perfectly comfortable, no matter how long the trip will be. Having travelled myself with my dogs and puppies by plane and to several destinations short and long, many times, I am perfectly aware of what this means and know only too well what they need as training to ensure that they do not experience any stress nor worry. Not in vain, many of my Bullmastiffs have travelled as far as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, the UK or the US, without problems of any kind.   The feedback I get from the owners is always the same, puppies arrive clean and happy and as they come out of their crates, they are happily wagging their tails and licking everybody’s faces and hands!

Delivery Terms, Castro-Castalia Bullmastiffs

Camada W de Castro-Castalia

You will find hereafter a description of what you should expect at the time of delivery of your puppy when you come to pick it-up:

  • Personally at our place*
  • At 14 weeks of age**
  • In perfect health
  • With all Health guarantees
  • Vaccinated*** and revaccinated against Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis, Lepto and Adenoviruses
  • Wormed in 5-6 occasions (at approx. 14, 28, 42, 56, 70 and sometimes 84 days)
  • Perfectly socialised and used to dealing with adults and kids, other animals, other dogs of different ages and sizes, knowing how to walk with a collar and a leash, being in the street and used to traffic noise, travelling by car, etc.
  • Identified with a microchip
  • Registered by the Kennel Club
  • With a private Spay and/or Neuter agreement (unless the pup is to be used in a responsible breeding programme abroad)
  • With a copy of the DNA and HD-free certificates of the sire and the dam
  • With a Scaliborã collar, to prevent Canine Leishmaniasis
  • With its own collar and leash
  • With its favourite toys and chewers
  • With a 3 kg bag of the recommended Puppy food
  • With a complete dossier of information providing details and instructions on nutrition, health, growth, recommended exercise, basic education, tips and tricks, recommended toys and equipment.

*I do not send puppies via messenger’s services nor any other door-to-door services;
**Puppies that need to travel long distances (over 4 hours of air flights) should be 16 weeks old, as this avoids any possible health problems due to stress;
***Rabies vaccination should take place only around 6 to 8 months of age, unless the puppy needs to travel to any country where Rabies vaccination is compulsory before the trip.

(Original text written by Christina of Lima-Netto and Federico Baudin specifically for this web page and protected with Copyright. Not even whole can be reproduced not partially by any way, without Castro-Castalia's express assent in writing).

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